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Difference of Composite Technology between PSP Steel-Plastic Pipe and Coating

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Difference of Composite Technology between PSP Steel-Plastic Pipe and Coating

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Steel-plastic pipe, also known as steel-plastic composite pipe and composite pipe, is a new type of pipe. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, VOC control in the world is becoming more and more stringent, and the voice of environmental protection is also increasing. PSP steel-plastic pipe has come to the fore.

The main method for the composite process of PSP steel-plastic pipe base pipe and coating is to preheat the base pipe so that the surface temperature meets the temperature range required by plastic powder, and control the highest temperature, then coat the plastic powder, which is also called dispersion method.

Spraying: Plastic powder is sprayed by compressed air through a spray gun.

Suction coating: vacuum pump is used to form negative pressure in the pipe, and plastic powder is sucked in.


Impregnation: The plastic powder is stored in the container, and the preheated base pipe is immersed in the powder.

Rotary plastics: The plastic powder is stored on the wall of the tube, and the powder is evenly distributed by rotating the tube.

Because the surface of the base pipe has reached a certain temperature, the plastic powder is melted and coated on the wall of the pipe, forming a coating and forming an anticorrosive layer.

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