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Several Advantages and Applications of Steel-Plastic Pipe

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Several Advantages and Applications of Steel-Plastic Pipe

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A new kind of composite pipe, which is based on welded pipe and seamless pipe, is coated with epoxy resin or polyethylene paint on the inner and outer walls. It is a green environmental protection pipe with anticorrosion, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity and non-radiation. It is applied to various fluid transportation.

Application of Steel-Plastic Pipe

Water supply and drainage of buildings (especially for cold and hot water systems in hotels, hotels and high-grade residential areas)

Ventilation pipe, supply pipe and water supply pipe in mines and mines ____________

Various forms of circulating water system (civil circulating water, industrial circulating water), excellent performance, anti-corrosion life of up to 50 years

Various chemical fluid transportation (corrosion resistance of the product to acid, alkali and salt)

Ground Pipe and Passage Pipe of Wire and Cable

Fire water supply system

Urban sewage pipelines.


Several Advantages of Steel-Plastic Pipe

The steel and strength of the traditional metal pipe are retained, which is far superior to plastic pipe and aluminium-plastic pipe.

It has smooth inner wall, small friction resistance and no scaling. The outer wall is more beautiful and luxurious.

_Light weight, good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength; Wider applicable temperature - 30 ~100 C;

Connecting with pipe fittings can adopt twisted wire, socket, flange, groove, welding and so on, which saves labor and labor in many ways.

_The difference of thermal expansion coefficient between the connecting part and the passenger parts is small, which is more safe and reliable.

The price performance ratio is reasonable, the comprehensive cost is low, and it is more economical than copper pipe and stainless steel pipe.

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