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Excellent Mechanical Strength of Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe

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Excellent Mechanical Strength of Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe

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Excellent Mechanical Strength of Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe

Steel-plastic composite pipe manufacturers, today about the development of steel-plastic composite pipe and broad prospects. In recent years, steel-plastic composite pipes have been widely used in building water supply projects because of their excellent corrosion resistance, good circulation capacity, non-scaling and long service life. Moreover, the state expressly stipulates that zinc steel pipes are not allowed to be used in water supply pipes, so the market of steel-plastic composite pipes has broad prospects. ?

In the process of lining plastic pipe processing, the uniform and stable welding of PE pipes inside galvanized steel pipes on the inner wall of galvanized steel pipes is a decisive factor in determining the national standard of steel-plastic pipes. Heating fusion is currently widely used. Before that, most of the enterprises used to pack PE pipes into high-pressure air and send the semi-finished steel-plastic composite pipes in batches to large heating furnaces (heating furnaces are preheated by burners in advance). After a period of baking, the steel-plastic composite pipes were taken out after the whole batch of steel-plastic pipes reached the set temperature.

The excellent characteristics of steel-plastic composite pipe have laid a very good road for its development. The share increased to more than 25%. Further actively and steadily deepen the industry identification and certification work, and ensure the seriousness of the certification work; strengthen industry norms, guide the healthy development of steel-plastic pipe industry; accelerate the pace of revision industry standards, improve product quality, improve the production level of the industry as a whole, the excellent characteristics of steel-plastic composite pipe make the production of steel-plastic composite pipe have new advances in raw materials, technology and equipment. High.

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The inner and outer plastic pipes are coated with heavy-duty anti-corrosion modified epoxy resin powder. After high temperature preheating, the plastic layer melts with the inner and outer walls of the pipes at high temperature. The coating surface is smooth and beautiful. Because of the small fluid resistance, it can increase flow rate, save energy, and has excellent anti-corrosion performance and good sanitary performance. Modified epoxy powder anticorrosion has been widely used in petroleum and natural gas industry.

Performance characteristics: Both inside and outside have coatings, and the middle is the composite structure of reinforced welded steel pipe, which overcomes the defects of easy corrosion, pollution, short service life, low strength and large expansion of plastic pipe, and has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, such as good oxygen insulation, high rigidity and high strength, easy detection of buried pipe, etc. Compared with other types of steel pipes, the main bearing layer of inner and outer sprayed steel pipes is entirely borne by welded steel pipes in composite pipes, and the plastic layer only plays the role of anti-corrosion protection, so the bearing capacity of the pipes is basically not affected by temperature changes and aging of the plastic layer. Internal and external sprayed steel pipes not only inherit the advantages of metal pipes and plastic pipes, but also overcome their respective shortcomings. It is a new type of pipe which integrates the advantages of metal pipes and plastic pipes. This product has the following performance characteristics:

Excellent mechanical strength, higher strength, rigidity and impact resistance than the strength of plastic composite pipes, low expansion coefficient and creep resistance similar to steel pipes. The buried pipe can withstand much more external pressure than the fully plastic pipe.


Excellent corrosion resistance, without any anti-corrosion treatment can be installed, saving engineering costs.

The coefficient of expansion is small, and the coefficient of linear expansion is only 12 *10-5/. It is 1/10-1/12 of the coefficient of expansion of pure PE pipeline.

Damping coefficient is small, wear-resisting, pipe wall is smooth, fluid resistance is small, wear resistance is increased, no scaling, under the same pipe diameter and pressure conditions than metal pipe head loss of 30%.

The pressure-bearing performance is stable. The complete steel pipe layer is the main pressure-bearing layer of the pipe body, so the pressure-bearing capacity of the pipe is not affected by the performance of the plastic layer.

The impact of change.

Excellent performance of pipe fittings, self-developed steel-plastic pipe fittings, excellent sealing performance, pull-out resistance, easy installation

Self-tracing can be traced by magnetic metal detectors without additional tracing or protection markers, which can avoid Excavation Damage and provide great convenience for emergency repair and maintenance.

The flexibility and flexibility make the handling, transportation and installation more adaptable and reliable. Underground installation can effectively withstand sudden impact loads caused by settlement, slip, vehicles, etc.

The range of temperature adaptability is wide. The steel-plastic pipe provided at present can be used in the range of - 60 ~90 ~C.

Low thermal conductivity, long service life, low comprehensive cost and easy installation

Internal and external sprayed steel pipe is a new type of pipe which takes into account the respective characteristics of plastic pipe and metal pipe. It is a pipeline with excellent comprehensive performance at present. It has a wide range of applications and has a unique advantage in urban drinking water supply pipeline and industrial enterprise water supply pipeline.

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